"the zero interactionwellbeinglight"

Make your smile beam with the zero interaction well being light. Inspired by nature, beam aims to bring the organic into the everyday. Welcome the ‘aurora’ into your bedroom and relax in the best possible way. With smooth curves and minimalist design, ‘beam’ looks great in every environment.

With the use of a mobile phone or smart watch, ‘beam’ will know that you’re near. Provide access to your heart rate data, and ‘beam’ will be able to configure the lighting just for you. For those times when you need to be in control, use the ‘beam’ companion app to manually take your ‘beam’ to the next level, adjust brightness or change a scene, your ‘beam’ is at your fingertips.

Connect your calendar and let ‘beam’ create the best lighting for your activity. Being productive or turning your room into a cinema, ‘beam’ knows your scene and will thrive in any environment and lifestyle. Say goodbye to your screen and let ‘beam’ do the magic for you, whether that’s switching the colours or brightness, ‘beam’ makes the change so that you don’t have to.

Wave goodbye to the shock of a morning alarm and let ‘beam’ give you the wake up call of your dreams. Feel refreshed and ready to go thanks to the perfect blend of light that will welcoming you to your day. With ‘beam’ by your side, you will always wake up on the right side of the bed.

1. Setup and home

2. Home and grouping

3. Home and add scenes

Through this project I did create a homemade solution, utilising a raspberry pi zero w, motion sensor and HomeAssistant software. This gave me a good understanding of home automation and how to manipulate lighting.


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