Title: Showcase

Date: Feb, 2017

James Seddon

Graphic Design | Photography


My name is James Seddon, I am a second year (Level 5) Graphic Design student at Arts University Bournemouth. I am currently working part-time for 3 SIDED CUBE, an app design and development company, I was offered a permanent part time job after completing a five week internship.

I love to design for clean styles that focus on giving the user a great experience without the UI being a hindrance. I also thoroughly enjoy creating design that is just simply aesthetically pleasing, making the user intrigued and want to interact.


Most recent projects

Date: Feb, 2017


Design and build an online identity that can present a portfolio of your creative practice.

Date: Jan, 2017


Creative Conscience Brief (Men’s Mental Health). Men who don't speak about their problems.

Date: Dec, 2016

Journey Book

An A5 book that explains a unit of work, the next four project are featured within the book.


Most recent experiences


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